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Born in Clydebank near Glasgow. My acting career began age 31 as a graduate of the Royal Welsh College.

My interest in acting was piqued aged 28 as an amateur, developed through improv' and semi pro theatre alongside like-minded individuals and the backstage work I found myself doing for Scottish Opera and Ballet.

Before acting I did lots of things; Fruit and veg in the local supermarket. Physics at UNI, Roads Railways and Construction in the holidays and filling orders every weeknight in a pharmaceutical warehouse straight after my course - which I never finished.  


After uni I ran off to Leipzig, Germany, pretending to be a carpenter and helping to build a convent. 


I followed that up with careers in business development and lastly social care where I worked with adults and children in a housing support service.

Then I did this. It still scares the sh*t out of me.


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