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Selected credits:

Film, CASH TRUCK, Tim, Miramax / MGM, Guy Ritchie

Television, INDUSTRY, Duncan Hicks, HBO, Ed Lilly

Television, Nils Hedlund, THE HEAD, HBO Asia / Hulu Japan, Jorge Dorado

Television, Alex Vance, DEVILS, Lux Vide/Sky Vision, Nick Hurran

Television, Gil Tomine, THE FEED, Amazon Studios, Various

Television, Clarence, CURFEW, Tiger Aspect for Sky, Colm McCarthy

Television, Alex Baxter, THE LAST POST, BBC/BonaFide, Jonny Campbell

Film, Jerry, OFFICIAL SECRETS, Classified Films, Gavin Hood

Television, Ray Murray, BANG!, BBC/S4C, Phil John.

Feature, ALLIED, Hendon Guard, Robert Zemekis.

Television, Arthur, RILLINGTON PLACE, BBC/Bandit, Craig Viveros

Television, Bernie Mullocks, CALL THE MIDWIFE, BBC/Neal Street, Syd Macartney

Television, Tony Doyle, MOVING ON, BBC1, Paul McGann

Stage, Fenton, THE ODYSSEY: Missing presumed dead, ETT/Liverpool Everyman, Nick Bagnall

Radio, Fenton, THE ODYSSEY, BBC Radio 4

Feature Film, Klev Schoening, EVEREST, Working Title, Baltasar Kormakur

Feature Film, Harry McBain, ALLIES, Hawthorn, Dominic Burns

Television, Dodds,OUR WORLD WAR, BBC, Bruce Goodison

Television, Jeff Patterson, SUSPECTS, Channel 5, Fiona Walton

Stage, Cullen Brenton, LOVE YOUR SOLDIERS, Sheffield Theatres, Richard Wilson

Television, Morgan, GAME OF THRONES, HBO, David Benioff / D.B. Weiss

Television, Alan Isbister, SHETLAND, BBC 1 / ITV Studios, John McKay

Stage, Halmberg, Mr Avila, Jocke, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, National Theatre of Scotland,

John Tiffany - Steven Hoggett

Radio, Andy, THE MEETING, Tempest for BBC Radio Scotland, Dominic Reynolds

Radio, Frank, THE BIG TICKET, Tempest for BBC Radio Scotland, Dominic Reynolds

Television, Sean Nugent, SILENT WITNESS, BBC, Douglas MacKinnon
Television, Tom Raveley (Series Regular), HOMEFRONT (Series), ITV, Terry McDonough
Television, Andy Young, EASTENDERS, BBC, Dan Wilson
Radio Play, Mark, THE JOBSEEKERS DIARY, BBC Radio Scotland, Dominic Reynolds
Radio Play, McCallister, THE STRANGER, BBC Radio Scotland, Dominic Reynolds
Stage, South African Policeman, TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION, Royal Court, debbie tucker green
Television, Soldier Tom, GAME OF THRONES, HBO, Alan Taylor
Television, Gerry, HIDDEN, BBC, Niall MacCormick
Television, Ed Harman (Semi Reg), DOCTORS, BBC, Various
Feature Film, Terry, THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO ISLINGTON, Skinned, Dan Wilson
Stage, Reilley, ".45", Hampstead Theatre, Wilson Milam
Television, Ed Harman, DOCTORS, BBC, Terry Illand
Radio Play, Michael, THE FINAL STRAW, BBC Radio Scotland / Tempest, Geoff Zycinski
Television, David Wright, SCOTLAND'S KILLERS, BBC, Douglas MacKinnon
Television, Obs, FIVE DAUGHTERS, BBC, Phillipa Lowthorpe
Television, Doctor, CRASH, BBC Wales / Red Planet, Ashley Way
Short Film, Chris Clause, WONDERLAND, Undeb, Tom Cullen / Alex Vlahos
Stage, David Lynguard, IN MY MOUTH, @Piccolo Theatre Milan, Firenza Guidi
Stage, Father, INNOCENCE BY LUKE NORRISS, Undeb, Tom Cullen / Alex Vlahos

+Over sixty voice and audio credits.

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